2016 Fall/Christmas Auction ~ 12/3 'til 12/10/16

Feathers Coasters - set of 4 Tornado - Large Birds Aluminum Feather Wall Hooks - set of 5 Spin Cycle - Medium Birds Sterling Silver Birds Necklace
Chain Reaction - Medium Birds PVC Forager - Medium Birds Blue Arch - Medium Birds ButterBella - Large Birds Nyx Toy by Chasing Enrichment - Medium Birds
Birds on a Twig Wall Hooks Balsa Block Bagel - Medium Birds African Grey Ornament Cotton Preening Doll - Medium Birds Parrot Bowl
Jingle Jangle Wreath - Medium Birds Large/X-Large Foraging Footer Birds on a Wire Pillow Green Arch - Medium Birds Parrot Mat - Indoor/Outdoor
Acrylic Food Tumbler Set of 4 Ceramic Angels Charming Froggie - Small/Medium Birds The Last Flight of the Scarlet Macaw by Bruce Barcott Monkey Man - Large Birds
Parrot Pillow Pet PeeWee Fleece Octopus - Quaker/Conures Sample Pack VitaCritter Cupcake Curls - Medium Birds African Grey Necklace
Wooden Fun Basket - Medium Birds Bath Set Large/X-Large Foraging Footer Dirty Clothes Wooden Plaque Play Platform - Budgies to Quakers
Doggie Delite Princess Dominoes - Small/Medium Birds Foot Pampering Basket Hoop de Doo - Small Birds Boldly Going Nowhere Wooden Plaque
Cars Dominos - Medium Birds Trio of Shabby Birds Parrot Swag - Medium Birds Stack 'Ems - Medium/Large Birds Origami for Birds #3 - Toy Making Supplies
Coloring Fun 4 X-Large Footers Balls & Stars - Medium/Large Birds Necklace & Earrings Set Blue Bear - Medium Birds
Shredder Tray - Medium Birds White Bellied Caique Stocking 2 Large Footers Stepping Stone Kit Crabby - Quaker/Conures
3 Large Footers Chill Pill Mash & Grain Bake by Bird Preferred Chain Gang - Quaker/Conures Merry Christmas Feather Pillow Dingy - Small Birds
Supreme Cotton Rope - Spool Funny Fleecee - Medium Birds Rainbow Bridge Stocking Musical Blocks - Large Birds Kitty Stocking
Wooden Steps - Medium/Large Birds Origami for Birds #1 - Toy Making Supplies Parrots Latch Hook Kit Large/X-Large Foraging Footer Avian Gourmet Spicy Mix by Bird Preferred
Origami for Birds #2 - Toy Making Supplies Busy Plate - Quaker/Conures Pup Combo Panda Pinwheels - Medium Birds Large/X-Large Foraging Footer
Big Boy - Large/XL Birds Shredder Fun - Small/Medium Birds Floating on Happy Magnetic Bulletin Board Purple Slices - Quaker/Conures Dodo Bird
CAG Stocking Piano Time - Medium Birds Hallmark Family Always Ceramic Figurine Large Footer Tub - Large Birds Ducky Stocking - Yellow Cuff
Yellow Arch - Medium Birds Necklace & Ring Set Parrot Statue Fleece Turtle - Medium Birds 'Berries & Bowl
African Grey Scarf Spoonin' - Medium Birds Budgie Christmas Combo Dodo Bird Wind Chime Toy Making Supply Basket
Puppy w/White Cuff Stocking Hallmark Love Ceramic Bird Sun Conure Ornament Medium Footer Tub - Medium Birds Set of 10 Macaw Holiday Cards
Yellow Slices - Quaker/Conures Medium Footer Tub - Medium Birds My Yarn Kit Earrings Address Book
Tiny SS Footer Pail - Wee Birds Toy Making Supply Basket #2 The Natural Flock Box by Chasing Enrichment